The 8 habits of highly successful learners.

Research conducted over many years by psychologists investigating student motivation, have come up with the following list of habits. Most or all of these are found in the most successful students.

Effort: If you don’t put the work in, you’re not going to get much out.

_67079191_mark_cavendish_gettyEngagement: Staying focused and on-task. Not getting distracted.

engageSkill development: Just like playing the guitar or becoming an expert batsman, you need to develop your skills as a learner.

Participation: Being involved in what’s going on in class. Ask and answer questions and help others who might be struggling.

Attendance: Turning up for lessons – there is a causal relationship between attendance and exam success.

Self-concept: How you see yourself as a learner. A positive self-concept is positively correlated with achievement.

Persistence: Not giving up, even when it gets difficult!

Enjoyment of learning: Not seeing learning as something you a forced to do, but rather something that can be enjoyable and personally fulfilling.

booksSo, now you know!


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